The building was donated by Leon Gleason to the town of Ringling to be used as a library or museum.

In 1992 the town voted to have a library and support it with a sales tax of one quarter percent. The local Jaycees and Mr. Gleason gathered discarded books from several libraries. Mr. Gleason was Chairman of the first library board.

The library was opened during the annual Western Day celebration in 1994. It grew from one small room to encompass the 1,500 square foot building which houses numerous books and six (6) computers with internet.

Library Staff

Renee Yocum                       Desiree Allen
Librarian                                 Assistant Librarian

Friends of the Library

The Friends is a valuable organization dedicated to supporting the Gleason Memorial Library by promoting public involvement and fund-raising.

2017 Trustee Meetings             5:00 P.M.

  • January 19
  • March 16
  • May 18
  • July 20
  • September 21
  • November 30

Major Annual Events

“Death by Chocolate”  First Sunday before Valentine’s Day

2017 Death by Chocolate








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